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“Each church is also a piece of sky on the earth.
And when you are already in the temple, you find yourself in the sky.
Thus, when the earth is crushed you with her hell, run in the church,enter in and, you are in the paradise.
If the persons bother you with their malice, you resort in the church,
you kneel front in the God and He you will engage under His sweet andomnipotent protection.
If again it happens fall on you entire legions of demons, you you runin the church, between the Angels, because the church is always fullfrom Angels and the Angels of God you protects from all ingeniousthis world and nothing cannot you make”

Saint Ioustinos Popovic

Glorifying God we thank our respected fathers, church councils and our valued customers, for their cooperation in the twenty-fifth anniversary of our company.

We are pleased to inform you through this web site for all the products that can be equipped and decorated the Orthodox churches.

The company of Mr Elias Evangelidis specializes in marketing and sale of religious items. The principle of activity was marked by the opening of the first store of religious items in Serres in 1986 and expanded over the next 25 years. Conquering initial confidence of local and Greek markets, the company soon expanded to foreign countries.

Milestone in the development of the company was the year 2008, the creation of e-shop, which now finds resonance in all global markets and ranks first on internet search engines.

The sale, retail and wholesale, directly cover equipment needs of churches, monasteries and respective branch of the interior and exterior, where the company has modern storage facilities. The products are always based on strictly Orthodox Byzantine and Russian style. 

The upward course of business primarily due to the respect which show to their customers, 
due to the personal commitment of the Director for continuous training and expertise, 
and to adapt to business requirements and market developments.

The upward course of business primarily due to the respect which show to their customers, due to the personal commitment of the Director for continuous training and expertise, and to adapt to business requirements and market developments.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the rules of ecclesiastical tradition and the demands of the Orthodox Church, always based on the style and the principles of Byzantine and Russian art.

Using the best raw materials, highly qualified and experienced technical staff, ensure the excellent quality of our products and covers all claims of all parties for equipment and decoration of the Orthodox Churches.

The constant renewal of all ecclesiastical, furniture and other items are always connected to your requirements and suggestions.

We are always willing to serve you for all your needs and demands for better trim and functionality of each church.

 In order to select elite suppliers and supply high quality products, the company intends to continue to rise creating new partnerships worldwide and branches.

Evangelidis Ilias

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη

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