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Communion Spoons - Spears - Chrialides - Mousses - Small Bells

The spoon is one of the number of liturgical vessels and implements used during services of the Orthodox Church, especially during Holy Communion. The spoon used in the transmission of both elements of Holy Communion to the faithful. In early liturgical practice it was used only when administering the Eucharist to the sick and infants. With the developments in Orthodox liturgics, and with the need for priests to serve the Divine Liturgy without the assistance of a deacon, its use became commonplace. Originally the priest would place the Body of Christ in the palm of the receiver and the deacon would offer the chalice, much like the way clergy partake of the sacrament even today. The spear is a cutting implement in a shape of a lance which represents the lance used to pierce Jesus's side at the Crucifixion. It is used in the Proskomide (Sl. Proskomidia), the service of preparation for the Divine Liturgy, where it is used to cut the portions of the prosphora that are placed on the paten. The cutting of the prosphora in preparation for Eucharist reminds us of the Lord's saving Passion.

Stainless spear

Stainless spear with wooden base Dimensions: 15,00 X 2,80 cm


Stainless spear

Stainless spear with wooden base Dimensions: 23,00 X 3,50 cm


Small Bell

Small Bronze bell Height: 22.00cm


Small Bell

Small Bronze bell with wooden handle  Height: 15.00cm


Small Bell

Small Bell bronze  Height: 13.00cm


Small Bel

Small Bell bronze  Dimensions: 9,00 X 9,00 X 8,00 cm


Eucharist Set

Eucharist Set (Silver muse, Silver Set Communion Spoon - Spear, Chrialida Silver) Box Dimensions: 26,00 X 20,00 X 4,00 cm

Silver muse with natural sponge. Dimensions: 5,00 x 5,50 cm (without sponge) / 9,00 X 5,50 cm (with sponge).


Silver muse


Chrialida Silver

Chrialida Silver with screw cap Dimensions: 16,00 x 2,00 x 2,00 cm


Silver Set Communion Spoon - Spear

Silver Set Communion Spoon - Spear Spoon's Dimensions: 22,50 X 3,50 cm Spear's Dimensions: 24,00 X 4,00 cm

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