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Crusifixes / Icons of the Holy Week

Jesus Christ On The Cross

Jesus Christ On The Cross hagiography Dimensions: 110,00 X 110,00 cm


Basis for Crucifixion

Basis for Crucifixion Aluminium Dimensions: 95,00 Χ 50,00 Χ 65,00 cm 


Base for Crucifixion

Bsae for Crucifixion Aluminium Dimensions: 40,00 Χ 40,00 Χ 54,00 cm 


Basis for Crucifixion

Basis for Crucifixion Bronze Dimensions: 36,00 Χ 36,00 Χ 45,00 cm 


Hand - Painted Jesus Christ Crucified

Cross from Solid wood and Hand - Painted Jesus Christ Crucified. Cross Dimensions: 105,00 cm X 52,00 cm. Crucified Dimensions: 50,00 cm X 43,00 cm.



Crucifixion. Hagiographies: Jesus Christ Crucified - Sorrowful (Virgin Mary & St. John the Theologian). Cross made ​​of natural wood.

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