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Church Bells

We allocate bells from Russian mould in any size and note. With our experience we can propose various combinations of bells with already existing the temple, for absolute harmony. We propose then agreement the more economic solutions. Turned systems of bells. Manufacture also, and systems of rotation of bell, in any size and note, which are considered as the better system of attribution of sound of bell.

Bell 150Kg

Bell Weight 150Kg Diameter: 62,00cm


Bell 132Kg

Bell Weight 132Kg Diameter: 58,00cm


Bell 100Kg

Bell Weight 100Kg Diameter: 53,00cm


Bell 85Kg

Bell Weight 85Kg Diameter: 51,00cm


Bell 80Kg

Bell Weight 80Kg Diameter: 49,00cm


Bell 65Kg

Bell Weight 65Kg Diameter: 45,50cm


Bell 55Kg

Bell Weight 55Kg Diameter: 43,00cm


Bell 42Kg

Bell Weight 42Kg Diameter: 40,00cm


Bell 32Kg

Bell Weight 32Kg Diameter: 37,50cm


Bell 25Kg

Bell Weight 25Kg  Diameter€625,00

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